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Blaise Maree 01

One of my favorite ways I love shooting in my studio is with coloured gels.

We had shot a magazine editorial and usually these can take a bit of time from the shoot to the actual publication of the images.

In this particular case we decided to do a quick 'addon' to the editorial so the whole team had something to post before possibly the long wait of the publication coming out.

This was shot in front of a white cyc wall and the lighting setup included 3 gel'd lights.

On the left and slightly behind Blaise was a green gel, on the right and also slightly behind her was a red gel, and finally, the key light was a blue gel to the front right and down at about 45° angle.

The lights just had the standard 7' reflectors with the gels bull-clipped to them.

55mm · f/9.0 · 1/125s · ISO 200
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Love the colors!!!!