The look of love by Jamie Felton
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The look of love

August 21, 2019

Two Great Blue Herons in breeding plumage totally wrapped up in each other.

Cover of National Wildlife Magazine Jan 2015
f/8 1/1000 ISO 200 Sony A550 Sony 70-400mm G lens.

My regular camera broke the day before. I was very unhappily using my backup camera. But I was also very surprised and happy that it made the cover of National Wildlife. Its also licensed for use on a greeting card and I've sold prints.

Sony A550
400mm · f/8 · 1/1000 · ISO 200
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Tavita Tata's picture

Wow. Real strong image. Nailed the focus, captured a great moment. I game it a 5!

Tom Reichner's picture

What an impressive image! I love everything about it ..... the perfectly clean background, the separation between the Heron's heads, and the depth of field which permits both heads to be tack sharp. You rock!