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A Fuzzy Portrait

A closer crop of one of my favorite jumping spiders: Phidippus putnami - A live handheld focus stacked image of about 12-14 shots blended in Photoshop.

65mm · f/10 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Thank you!

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Superb macro work

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GAAAAHHHH love this. Cant stop looking, despit it creeping me out.

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Thank you 😄

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Great job, Liza! Glad I'm bigger than the spider, and not vice versa! Scary stuff. Would you mind saying how you vary the point of focus while doing presumably a longish burst handheld, without moving the camera too much?

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Thanks a lot!! I'm sorry for late reply. I actually do move the camera back and forth or usually from the closest dof area towards the back, but it is ever so slightly and I pretty much hold my breathe as I move, not to mess it up.