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Intoxicating Layers

These ridges where intoxicating, so much so that we chose the wrong ones on the assent. I’ve never been much of a beta guy, I don’t read volumes of guide books, research summit posts or check for trail reports. I may ask a friends who’s done the route, familiarize myself with the landscape and get a good idea of where I’m going, but I don’t overwhelm myself with logistics and planning. I like to keep a certain bit of the journey still an “adventure”, and not knowing quite what’s in store has always been a fun aspect for me. I will admit, sometimes (like this one) I may take entirely the wrong ridge, forcing me to climb 1500ft of loose scree, but that’s part of the fun. Trails make it too easy to simply look at your feet and keep walking, but when you have to decide your every move and navigate your way through a maze of loose chaos, you tend to soak in your surrounding more.
Disclaimer* many trips into these mountains require a bit of knowledge and gear, which inevitably means doing a bit more research. But not so much to were I feel like I’ve already climbed it before I’ve left the front door.

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Such an amazing picture with a very cool hiking story. glad you made it safe!

Love that image. It gives me the feeling of positive solitude and a lot of humility before the wonders of nature.

I have exactly the same attitude when it comes to travelling to places where I have not been before. Very cool photo, and it works well in BW, when normally I prefer color photos.

What an incredible shot

Bautiful image. Love the depth that is going on and on and on. Beautiful layering and the hiker gives the right scale to the image. I hope you frame this one on a wall.

Blam.... Just stellar.

Great photo, you have all the greys and good detail in the black and white portions.

Wonderful image.

Colton, WOW! Great black & White image (do you have it in color too?) The gradients of grays in the receding ridges are outstanding. But, I think what puts this image over the to is the the detail in the closest shaded ridge along with the balance and overall tonality of the whole photograph. Ansel would have been envious.

I had a similar philosophy when I’m going somewhere new to for photography.