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Queen Utica

September 28, 2019

Queen Utica is an extremely talented local drag queen. She created the hat prop as well as the accessories, and did her own makeup.

The portrait uses natural light and was taken just before sunset in an open but shaded area, and using a silver reflector underneath for a bit of subtle fill.

I then processed the photo in Photoshop to accentuate her features and perfect the tones and exposure.

Model: Queen Utica
Instagram: queenutica

MUA & Stylist: Queen Utica

40mm · f/4.2 · 1/125s · ISO 400
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Great job!

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Thanks, I appreciate it

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Striking. Well done

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Very cool, love the saturation. Nicely done

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Very rare that I click on a random photo while browsing the site but this grabbed me. It's amazing.

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Thank you Andy, glad it captured your eye!