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Feeding Honeybee

I baited this honeybee with some sugar syrup to give her a reason to let me get close. Zucchini pollen is huge! This is a frame from 2009, and I'd like to recreate this shot with my current gear.

Tech Specs: Canon 40D (F13, 1/250, ISO 100) + a Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens (around 3x) + a diffused MT-24EX (both flash heads on the Canon flash mount, E-TTL metering). This is a single, uncropped, frame taken hand held.

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Amazing pic and almost impossible to get the way you did, you must have the most steady hand. Beautiful edit

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Thanks! The "trick" is to hold on to whatever the subject is on with my left hand, and then rest the camera on that same hand so that the subject and the camera are on the same platform.

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Stunning! Is that the pollen of the flower in the hairs of the bee?

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