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Sweat Bee in a Sourgrass Flower

I've been trying to photograph Sweat Bees as they collect pollen from Sourgrass flowers but it hasn't been windy enough, so they can tell when I grab onto the flower's stem. Here's a shot of one leaving a flower after figuring out that I'm close.

Tech Specs: Canon 80D (F11, 1/250, ISO 100) + a Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens (over 2x) + a diffused MT-26EX-RT with a Kaiser adjustable flash shoe on the "A" head (the key), E-TTL metering, -1/3 FEC, second curtain sync). This is a single, uncropped, frame taken hand held. In post I used Topaz Sharpen AI, Denoise AI, and Clarity in that order.

Canon 80D
65mm · f/11.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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