A cold day in heaven by John Perhach
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A cold day in heaven

November 26, 2019

Here’s a pretty cool post sunrise shot of this pretty popular waterfall in Washington state.. The first time I tried to make it out to this one I fence posted all the way their which was super brutal and a complete failure, but as luck would have it the next weekend conditions lined up again for something pretty cool so the night before I ran to REI to pick up some snowshoes which as luck would have it were on sale.. Anyways, The next morning I guessed that it would take X amount of time to make it to the waterfall, but the reality turned out to be I got there way faster and had to hang out in the dark for a hour just waiting for the sunrise to start which turned out to be a very nice alpine glow happening over the falls.. Anyways have a wonderful day and I hope y’all enjoy my photo..

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