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Here is a pretty simple photo I shot on a brisk early winters morning of Mount Adam’s located in southern Washington State back in 2019/2020

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A broad, dark frost free path seems kind of fake.

Yeah, Unfortunately for you everything in this photo is real my friend.
You see unlike a whole of folks out there since day one of playing cameras, I have always been “about it” with the thrill of the hunt with lighting & conditions. So there for I just don’t fake to much, but surely I will enhance things like a whole lot of other people do with out a doubt.

If you really want to know the reason that shallow stream bed isn’t frozen or frosted is do thermodynamics. Basically, What causes that to happen is the air temperatures were higher leading up up to the cold snap so the mud under the water was able to retain warmth while everything else became colder. That difference in temperature allowed the snow & frost to stick to everything else besides the creek bed. It is actually pretty similar to the relationship between temperatures that creates a fog over water or cloud inversions. The lake I shot before shooting this meadow on the same morning did in fact have a layer of fog on it because what I said above.

A little knowledge in science can go a long way in photography.

Photographer = 1
Self accredited expert = 0

And you could have explained why by simply replying "it's a stream, not a path", Excuse me, it's not obvious in the image. Nevertheless, did you darken it? It 'looks' unnaturally dark IMHO.