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“Along The Way”

“Along The Way” So here is a interesting scene I shot while doing a river walk on the Virgin River in Zion National Park this past fall. With seemingly everyone in the world mobbing the river walk in the narrows I decided “f**k that” and decided to wade in the river and hike the river bank in the opposite direction. It was a good choice in my opinion and along with snagging a decent photo or two, I also got some good scouting in for other times plus I got to see a verity of wild life with minimal people for most of the trek. Anyways, Have a nice day everyone and thanks for looking.

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Nice, I always wondered what was on the other side of this hike.

Thank you my friend.. If you get the chance it is worth the trek in my opinion. There are so many shot opportunities on the table from what I saw during my exploration going the opposite direction.

Congratulations!!! Incredible composition and light blue mood! Excellent work!