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Dubai - Marina Skyline Panorama

A week of hardcore photo trip is behind Felix Inden and me - gosh what we have experienced. From fire alarm on the 43rd floor to old, new acquaintances (Sebastian Opitz) to invitations from the sultan in the penthouse to disappointments in the location, joy in the same breath with spontaneous, new prospects with soft knees and dizziness (rarely had so much shit; who is building a 1cm thick and 1m high glass pane as a railing on the 65th floor?!), stress with the local real estate companies and eternal back and forth .. - all inclusive.

Photographically one of the most productive tours in 2019. Thanks to the good, old "good cop / bad cop" method :-D

If I hadn't almost had to lie down, I could have teased out a little more angles with the clamp. But no chance ... Still, I like the view, because unlike the recently posted photo, you have the Cayan Tower in the picture instead of taking pictures from there;) I like it ...

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super job jean!