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Airbus Helicopters ACH160

Airbus Helicopters first serial production H160 flying low over a frozen forest during the types second cold weather campaign, this time in Lapland, Finland.

Camera ship used was a H125 which allowed me to shoot with the door open, the ambient temp when we lifted was something like -32ºc so we didn't fly for the whole duration of the flight with the door open!

This was taken towards the end of the flight and was, I think, pure luck! I noticed the crew skimming along at tree height, the wash from the aircraft was kicking up the snow from the trees and our camera ship pilot started to slightly bank the aircraft and bank along at the same time - the problem with this is that you can sometimes get eflux from the engine which produces an effect similar to that of putting vaseline on the front element of your lens, luckily I managed to grab this single shot before the aircraft fell behind a wall of eflux.

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