Golden Eye by Alison Tobias
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Golden Eye

300mm · f/5.6 · 1/60s · ISO 800
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Very nice short depth of field. The eye detail leads to a good story... what is that cat looking at? :)

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Thank you. I love eyes...the cat is actually looking at the squirrel, lol.

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LOLOL no way! I love it. We call that... Cat TV.

Out in Oregon I had the hummingbird feeders outside our kitchen's garden window. One day I strolled into the kitchen... our big gray girl cat was hunkered down in the sink. She looked at me with this horrified look as if to say.... getttt dowwwnnn! They'll see you!

It's the simple things that I find make me wish I had a camera attached to me at all times. Life is good. :)