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The Lookout

Canon Rebel T7
300mm · f/8.0 · 1/200s · ISO 800
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Love the expression you caught. Another photographer and I once concluded you're not a true shooter until you've got a squirrel image. I'll fish out my squirrel and put it up to prove my status. LOL

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Thank you. Had to get a squirrel image. I was working hard at getting a shot of a blue jay and this squirrel kept interfering, lol.

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I tried turkey hunting one year in my wild 20s. Two hours of a squirrel chattering at me... it did not end well for him. That was the middle of the end of my great white hunter phase of life. Picked up the camera instead. :)

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Break off the branch a little closer to the tree, and bait the branch with seeds so you can get a retake. Also, remove the leaf next to the squirrel and the foreground branch. I don't know how you feel about manipulating your environment. Obviously, the photograph is wonderful.

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That is very good advice...things I need to learn to pay attention to. I am ok with manipulating the environment to get a better shot.