Slow down by Giulio Roman
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Slow down

January 6, 2020

I would like to start a project about safe drive. This is my first picture. I have a number of ideas for future ones, but did not yet find the time to implement them.

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Hi Giulio...because you left such lovely comments about my photo in the competition (The cremation in India)I felt I ought to head over and check out your pics...This immediately.caught my's a very compelling image and completely sums up what you are trying to convey..(gave it a 5 too )....I,m scratching my head trying to figure out how on earth you got the movement behind the helmet ? 🤔...brilliant

Giulio Roman's picture

Thanks Tony, I'd like to shoot it again because I don't like it anymore as I did in the past. I used a very long exposue to blur car lights behind the helmet

Tony Hetherington's picture

That's what I thought !!!!! (Not ) haha 😁