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In flight

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robert bates's picture

WOW!!!! Beautiful,gorgeous,superb. Love this, amazing depth of field and bokeh! Great model and fabulous pose. Thanks for sharing! Pure viewing joy!!!!

Ashok SenGupta's picture

I don't see depth of field but the ABSENCE of it, which is what isolates the model and makes this picture so compelling.

Al Courduff's picture

Nice image!

Roman Fedorchenko's picture

Great shot love the soft feel

Peter Grifoni's picture

A stunning leap and perfectly timed. Danny Santos did a similar project a few years back. Also amazing images.

Mike Patrick's picture

Fantastic shot.

gregory hamilton's picture

this is not a good image, its unreal !

Brian Fisher's picture

Sometimes time is simply captured. Great shot and composition!

Adam Lyon's picture

Fantastic shot Katie! LOVE your work!!!

Quinn Im's picture

I love how you combined, classic beauty with urban beauty! Great job Katie!!!

Swissblad --'s picture

Absolutely - wow!!!!
Stunning image.
Congrats and TFS.

William Masters's picture

Just curious, was this shot in St. Louis? Just reminds me of a shoot I was observing out there from Shutterfest. Great photo!

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THAT is a terrific shot. Well done.