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This is super! Great job from the posing to the facial expressions.

lovely set and styling

Wonderful attention to detail, beautiful image!


Little Hermione Granger? ;)

I have to say I love the technical side of the photo, the lighting, the composition, the texture, the editing ..almost everything...but the posing looks too staged and forced for me...I feel the kids look almost fake....I am sorry to be harsh, but the expression look all wrong to me.

I am with you Paul. A beautiful shot for sure, but a little odd. The styling and the pose is suggestive of there being a romantic connection between them. Except at that age, the opposite gender has cooties and this just looks unnatural. I get the "little adult" look for a photo subject, but this one just struck me a bit on forced side.

Amazingly adult face on the little girl.

Great retro style theme image.