October 26, 2015

My Anna, shot on a frozen lake in Colorado. I designed this costume to bring little Anna life.

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Jerome Simpson's picture

I Love this photo... Amazing job

Roberta Bocchese's picture

Great picture!

Wayne Denny's picture

Really great work!

Pete O'Brien's picture

Your style is amazing. I'm not sure I'll always do kids photography, but I'm happy to aspire to what you achieve. Great work.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

This photograph is so beautiful.

tim fairfield's picture


ade adetayo's picture


Mark Stallbaumer's picture

Beautifully done!

Michael Jewels's picture

This photo is absolutely charming!
Good job.

Simon Anderson's picture

Absolutely beautiful, well done.

Steve Hike's picture

Very, very nice shot. Beautiful young lady beautiful photography!

Viral Gandhi's picture

rock solid

Viral Gandhi's picture

What is in background which is giving blue blur

Mehdi Hashemzadeh's picture

Beautiful shot

Swissblad --'s picture

Lovely image - and costume.

Richard Twigg's picture

Wow. Inspiring.