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The Drop

January 22, 2020

A photo I took of the famous Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park. It was downpouring the entire way to the falls and my camera malfunctioned because of it. This is one of the few shots I was able to get that didnt have water droplets on the front element.

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A beautiful scene and shot.

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Excellent work

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Love the composition and atmosphere

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Excellent capture I’ve been there

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A fantastic spot. I've been there once, and your shot reminds me, I need to go again. Great shot.

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Olympic is so beautiful. You captured it.

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Great shot of this waterfall!

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Nice dynamic symmetry in the composition

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Absolutely gorgeous shot! POTD well deserved

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Absolutely gorgeous. One of the places I can't wait to explore more of

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Excellent. You def. had better light than I did when I was last out there.