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Cox Bay Break

Cox Bay Break

The last bit of light making it’s way into the Tofino inlet. One of my favourite photography memories was hanging out at my place in Qualicum on a rainy day and making a last minute decision to drive for 2 hours to the coast where the weather was supposedly going to clear up. After driving through a complete downpour the entire way we were welcomed with some of the most epic lighting I’ve seen on the island. This is one of the many shots I captured from that evening.

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Love it, really magical light. What focal length did you have to use here? Hope that someday I'll also visit the area... once travelling is possible again

Thank you! I believe this was at 200mm. You could get some even more unique shots with a bigger zoom but unfortunately I don’t own one right now.

Fantastic. Tofino Bay is gorgeous

Epic. Love the wave formations. Very well balanced composition.