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Details for this shot. Hm? I'm not sure that I'm able to properly explain this slightly off day. Planned shoot? Yes All my requisite shooting criteria had been met. Music? Yup. What was playing? I haven't a clue, but the station was a classic rock format. Was it hot? Yup. Been a very warm, but nice summer. It was a Friday and everyone was feeling a bit, oh, "punchy." Fans blowing, doors open... Bees flying around inside, you know, a typical set. Then; I was put on an unexpected time restraint, which M seem to take a sadistic pleasure in shouting out whenever I was fumbling or unsure of settings. If I took a moment to ponder, I'd hear a loud, stern "Time Restraint!!!" and I'd look to see her smirking at me with a twinkle in her eye. My shots just weren't happening, so as I was trying light and camera settings, I would be taunted with poses designed to mock & dare me. However, as M is not being familiar with gear at all didn't realize just because I did not have me eye in the viewfinder and was mumbling that I had the wrong setting for ...whatever, does not, necessarily, mean I did not capture the shot when pushing the shutter button! :-) I may have some ok shots from the day, but this is retribution, a BTS of working with M and my favorite shot of the day! Outtakes - such sweet revenge! ;-)

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