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A Warm Wind Blows

This work features the Scarness jetty, in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

We see the wooden structure of the jetty, which then gives way to the majestic sailing boats in the distance.

The symmetry of the jetty and the movement of the ocean & boats, highlights the difference between the two worlds of land and sea. Our eyes are led down a very tight and prescribed route. Like a story we must start at the beginning and finish at the end. The rails of the jetty serve to mark our boundary and just like if we were there, we can not cross that boundary.

Our eyes walk into the image, moving further and further up, following the light, until we reach the end of the jetty. From there we must stop for a moment. We must pause.

The white of the cloud highlight our final destination, the boats dancing across the ocean. Their sails billowing in the breeze. The wind pushing them forward. Our previous constrained perspective is opened up. Now we have the full vista of the bay to ourselves.

The muted hues and tones of the water and sky will not allow us to decipher the inclination of the weather. Are we looking at a beautiful sunny Queensland day, or are we brooding a storm? A tropical depression, which will soon see rain and excessive wind, forcing everyone into the shelter of the nearby marina.

Canon 5D Mark 2
70mm · f/11 · ISO 100
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