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This imposing building caught my eye as I was wondering around Ninh Binh in Vietnam. There was something about its shape that fascinated me. I noticed all the builders, and thought that I had to capture it.

I didn’t want them to notice me taking the photo, as I thought it would ruin the integrity of the image. So I waited for a little while in front of the building and pretended to be disinterested. Looking the other way and occasionally taking a photo of something in the other direction. They eventually forgot that I was there and I was able to take the shot. It was very important to me to get the symmetry of the building right. I had to move my position several times until I was in the perfect place. I also needed something in for foreground to grab the viewer's attention and give some life to the image. The boys on the bike provided that. At 1/80 sec the shutter speed was fast enough to provide sharp detail in the people in the building, but gave motion blur to the boys. Perfect.

Canon 5D Mark 2
17mm · f/5 · 1/80 sec · ISO 160
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