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Sky on Fire

One of the most amazing sunsets I ever witnessed. Photographed at the beautiful lake Hintersee South Bavaria πŸŒ„
The sky on that day looked pretty interesting. And without clouds in the west, there was a high chance for a good sunset. So I decided to go to the famous lake Hintersee that I skipped the morning before because of less mood und to many photographers there 😝 And going to that place was the best decision ever because what happened there at sunset was totally insane. Half of the sky was full of Mammatus clouds that are untypical and unique for the autumn season. You can see some smaller bubbles on the photo.

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This is a GREAT composition. The light, the perfect reflection and your slight off center framing all conspired together to make an amazing image! I also love that you didn't over process this in post.

fabulous job

I can't resist those pinky clouds, fantastic natural shot!

You really nailed that shot

Love the symmetry