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Path into the Light

This beautiful view on top of Pico do Arieiro might be one of the most famous ones on Madeira. Actually I didn't want to take a photo there and decided to go for another spot for the sunset. But when I was finished there and the sky was still glowing so beautifully and intensely, I went to this spot and took some pictures. And I think that was a good decision ;-)
Actually the sky was so intense that I had to reduce saturation although I usually like it colorful. And I kept the photo natural with only slightly contrasts enhancements to reflect the full beauty of the moment.

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Beautiful light! Great work!

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Congrats for the feature!

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I have done the Madeira high peaks. Starting Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo and then on to Encumeada. Fab walk with amazing views. Beatiful image that bought back some good memories.

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Congrats. Never been but I want to go. Great capture.

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