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Green rays

That morning I set the tripod in the river and was waiting for the sunrise. The weather was fine, so I expected that the light would come out if the morning sun hits. And as the sun rose, the beautiful light poured into the waterfall as expected.

The body is Z7 and the lens is Z24-70f4. No filter is used.

Nikon Z7
34.5mm · f/13 · 0.4 · ISO 100
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Lovely, where is this place?

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Thank you. This is Japan.

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Great capture!

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Sridhar Chilimuri's picture

Beautiful! Very well done.

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Thank you. I was able to shoot a very beautiful light.

Ken James's picture

Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo with us

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Thanks to you too!

Gerry Frederick's picture

Wonderful photo great work. You are a true inspiration. I am a waterfall photog too

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Thank you! Waterfalls and light are my favorite subjects!

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What a capture!