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Duraton Arch

Some time ago, we went back to the Duraton Elena Sickles, Jose Luis and I.
Jose Luis had planned another arc of the Milky Way in a different sickle than the one we went to a few days ago.
On the way to the Sickles everything was covered and the panorama did not look very good, but in these cases the one who does not take risks does not win, when we arrived at the sickles we found that the planning had been perfect and the Milky Way fit in phenomenally and surprisingly the sky where the arch came out was clear.
A storm was brewing in the distance (that's why the clouds on the left side are illuminated), but unfortunately it was so far away that you couldn't see the lightning just illuminate the clouds, that's if there was a fairly strong wind and you had to keep an eye on the tripods.
So again we spent a good night surrounded by a good sky.

15mm · f/4.5 · 15s · ISO 800
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Wow, stunning shot! Congrats

thanks you so much buddy !!!

espectaculo de encuadre tio

Fantástica compi! Como mola ese lugar y esa Vía

Que pasada Dani!! un fotón tío!

Preciosa Dani!

Vaya foton amigo que ganas le tengo a este sitio ufff

Como veras no hago mas que picarte jajaj, ná es broma, ando escaso de nocturnas.

Preciosa Dani!

Preciosa Dani

Enhorabuena Dani!!

Muy grande Dani!

Quite nice!

great capture!

Great !
Superb !