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Ready for transport

Working at an airport has its benefits. The red bull air race airplanes were stored here for only a handful of days before being picked up with 2x 747 cargo airplanes. This is rare now, with the air race not continuing anymore.

So, after finishing my flight I had a little sneak into the hangar where they were stored. And there were about 10-15 of them, all packed up onto pallets. Bit of a tight squeeze, so went for a black and white panoramic image to fit them in.

Sony A7R II
70mm · f/13 · 1/125
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Hey Steven, bedankt voor je kritiek op mijn foto. Wat een interessante foto is dit. Ik dacht eerst dat het abstracte beesten waren om erachter te komen dat het redbull vliegtuigjes zijn.

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