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Veil nebula

This is the veil nebula, about 1500-2000 light years away.
Total exposure length; 8.5 hours.

The remnants of a supernova that exploded 10.000-20.000 years ago.

Taken with a dedicated astrophotography black&white camera, using specificl filters to capture the wavelengths of light from the different gasses in the nebula. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sulphur.

These 3 layers get combined in the the R, B, G to create the final colour image.

Hydrogen = green channel
Oxygen = blue channel
Sulphur = Red channel.

(This is the same method that the Hubble uses to create its images)

ZWO ASI 183 MMpro cooled
400mm · f/5 · 8.5 hours
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This is cool