Burning fog by Luis Cajete
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Burning fog

May 15, 2020

The ruins of this magnificent castle are at the end of a plateau, having at its feet the village of fuentidueña del tajo. This almost demolished, since it was destroyed in the war of Independence and as many castles in the area has not been restored. I hope you like it almost as much as I did with the beautiful sunrise that I could enjoy. Greetings.

panoramic · f/11 · ISO 100
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Efren Yanes's picture

Es fantástica Luis!

Luis Cajete's picture

Me alegro que te guste tio.

Eduardo Fuster's picture

Menuda compo y luz, genial!

Luis Cajete's picture

Gracias Eduardo! Fue una mañana increíble, sobretodo cuando levanto la niebla 😄

Rubén Vela Martín's picture

Vaya fotón que te has marcado compañero!

Luis Cajete's picture

Gracias compañero, fue increíble como brillaba la niebla.