Light explosion by Luis Cajete
Luis Cajete's picture

Light explosion

February 6, 2020

A sunset that I will hardly forget. Three lavaredo peaks. Greetings.

Panorama · f/11 · ISO 100
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David Martin Castan's picture

Muy guapa tio !!

Luis Cajete's picture

Gracias David, vaya entrada tan guapa que tuvimos a ese valle 😊

mikellarrea's picture

menudo momentazo vivisteis... BRUTAL

Luis Cajete's picture

En el lugar y el momento exactos, muchas gracias Mikel!

jabi sanz's picture

Guapisima Luis de lo mejorcito que he visto de aqui

Luis Cajete's picture

Eso son palabras mayores, muchísimas gracias socio🍻

Ignacio Municio's picture

Menuda sobrada!!!

Luis Cajete's picture

Gracias compañero! Ese dia quemamos unos cuantos carretes 😉. Saludos!

Jacob Pelley's picture

Looks amazing

Luis Cajete's picture

Many thanks mate, that place is amazing , make Photography easy with so much beauty. Greetings!

Guillermo García's picture

Espectacular ese atardecer

Luis Cajete's picture

Como disfrutamos todos esa tarde!

Deleted Account's picture

Great photo. I would have cropped out a little more of the foreground but I still give it a five star rating.

Luis Cajete's picture

Thank you very much mate, it is already cropped but maybe a little more would have been good, it is clear that the strong point of the image is in the background. I appreciate your opinion Gary, greetings!

RD Gerdes's picture

This is a breathtaking image. I'm trying to imagine where you were and what the conditions were. A truly great photograph!

Luis Cajete's picture

Many thanks mate, the conditions were the best for me, the mountains in flame!

Jacob Pelley's picture

Looks amazing great job!

Luis Cajete's picture

Thanks mate, the conditions there were perfect😊

chris bryant's picture

Spectacular image.

Luis Cajete's picture

Many thanks mate, i was very lucky with these conditions. 😉

Ahmad Kamal's picture

Magnificent work

Luis Cajete's picture

Much appreciate Ahmad

chris bryant's picture

Magnificent image.

Luis Cajete's picture

Many thanks chris, that sunset was dreamy.

Merce Hernando's picture

Espectacular Luis, lo tiene todo

Luis Cajete's picture

Muchas gracias Merce, es que eso se puso increible, pena de no haber llegado con algo más de tiempo.

Eric Zaal's picture


Luis Cajete's picture

Many thanks Eric, that sunset was epic!