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The wolves of Galtres

Here is the first image from my personal series Days Gone By : The Forest of Galtres, titled The Wolves of Galtres. It is around a 17 image composite.

Days Gone By will be a series of images based around the history, myths, and legends of York and Yorkshire.

We will first be focussing on the legendary forest of Galtres which was a medieval forest, established by the Norman kings of England. The forest to the north of York stretched 15 miles from Monk Bar all the way up to Craike -Hill.

The forest was treacherous, rife with wild beasts, rife with wolves, and haunted by thieves and robbers. It was the scene of many perils and exploits. To guide travelers through the dangerous trees the lantern tower at All Saints church on Pavement, inside the walls of York, was illuminated, a beacon of light to guide them to safety.

With this series, I aim to create a sense of place and time and take inspiration from the painters of old, especially the Romanticist painters like Caspar David Friedrich, John Atkinson Grimshaw and Louise Raynor to name but a few. I want it to feel like an aged painting.

What do you think?

Model : Martina Satoriova
Assistant : Corey Seeger
Cape: Nell Stafford
Costume: Martyn Barker

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