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Dead mans fingers

Advertising image.

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Thanks Jonathon

Fantastic tones

It's tough to critique someone whose work is better than your own, so I say this respectfully. The composite is a really tough sell because the bottle looks so studio lit in comparison to all the other elements that it kills any sense of realism. The bottle needs be shot or lit in a way that fits the environment it's being composited into. Solid work otherwise. Hope this is helpful.

really like this, yes I think the bottle could be a little more matt looking and the pirate flag just inch away from the hand holding the bottle but it's a great overall comp and well done

How do you create such works of art, I would love to know how to do this because it's my overall favorite kind of photography, but I've never learned how, I'm a self taught photographer.....

am liking it alot, maybe the flag could be a little out of focus to give some depth, am i missing something in the clouds ?