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Part of a serie 'Reminisce' ( image 3/6 )
Concept-->Reminiscing about childhood food memories & nostalgic kitchen tools,from long past and gone, & combining them it into a few minimalistic images.

© FoodShot.be 2020
Photographer Wesley Dombrecht

85mm · f/8 · 1/200 · ISO 160
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Solid 5. Haters gonna hate. Amazing work, Wesley.

Thnx. mate !!

Why the flower in the coffie pot? Is it explosive herbs? The smoke is cold, still water splashes out, is the herbs reacting to ice inside the pot?

Nice colours and good composition.

Thanks for your comment Zlato! I understand your logical reaction, but it is a conceptual serie and it has nothing to do with the reality ( you can read the whole idea behind it on my website ) , and If you take a good look on my site to my personal art series, then you gonna find much more images that are playing with reality, actualy most of them are based on this idea...So yes you are right, it's not the right reality, it is simply the implementation of a conceptual idea..Grtz.

Excellent execution. Not sure about the content, though. There are plants in a coffeepot and that makes me frustratingly confused

Thnx.Noah, it is part of a conceptual serie, and it has indeed nothing to do with reality..all the images have a twist to them...you can read the full description,with the rest of the images on my site..to explain it fast..i combined childhood food memories ( in this pic. it's mint tea), with random old kitchen tools...there is no logical thinking involved, it's just fantasy.