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Coffee & milk

For this image i had to combine a few shots togheter in photoshop , all the lighting was done in studio .

Nikon D800
50mm · f/2,5 · 1/200 · ISO 100
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Lovely light control. Well done!

Glad you like it , i used a few modifiers on my lights to control it and a polariser for the reflection

Wow! Amazing shot. Can you share with me how was the light set up? Thanks for inspiring :)

Hey Andres ,as main light 1 striplight on the left side ( diffused by rosco diffusion ) , on the right i used an einstein with a reflector and a GRID for the milk stream , also used a third light with a snoot ( & grid )on the black background behind the glass , used white card to fill in the shadows & black card to block light , also used a POLARIZER on the lens to control reflections in the glass .

awesome photo; lighting is perfect.

Love the mood. The rim light in the glass cup it’s just perfect