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Be Still and Reflect

Schwabacher Landing
Grand Tetons National Park
June 2020
I’ve been spending a lot of time looking inward as our world is seemingly on the edge of catastrophe while the walls of hatred and racism are being dismantled by thousands of protestors who are risking their lives everyday to make their voices heard.

I’ve chosen a path of inflection as I haven’t been able to put together words that are deserving of taking space from those who are suffering more than me.

As a white, straight male born into privilege, I just haven’t felt it’s been the right time to give my opinion (and still really don’t)

All I can say is my heart is heavy when I think about horrible things that people of less privilege and a different skin color have had to live through; my complaints don’t have any place to be in the same space as those who live that life every day.

So - for those of you who are equally as privileged; spend some time reflecting on that and give the space to those whose voices need to be heard.

Nikon D850
24mm · f/11 · 1/5 · ISO 100
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So beautiful picture! Great work!