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Jupiter Rising

There we were as Jupiter rose, on the precipice of a new dawn. The world will never be the same...

This is an abstract piece from some mighty fine slot canyons in southern Utah last summer. The glowing light and sandstone textures embedded this idea of Jupiter or Mars into my mind as I was processing, so I chose to jump in feet first.

This hold s special place in my heart as my partner, our dog, and I have navigated the COVID Pandemic together. I hope you enjoy!

Nikon D850
300mm · f/13 · 1/30 · ISO 100
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Great capture!

Really nice shot ! The small silhouettes are so tiny but so important to give the sense of hugeness ! And the luminosity contrast is great between them and the background canyon.

Appreciate it! This was a fun one!

Absolutely stunning. A perfect subject with a great mankind to nature relation. Regarding other ever same photos from that location this is a refreshing change.

Thanks Jens!

This POV is incredible ! Great work ...

So beautiful! I’m very curious about how you lit this.

Masterfully done. Nice work!

really cool

One can only wonder what the unmanipulated image looked like.

That's the point :)

What. Is the point?

It’s an abstract image. It’s supposed to make you ask “What the F?!”

Your work is fantastic mate