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The Lunar Lagoon

On a much needed Oregon Coast run at the end of summer, we were dealt some lemons but made sure to make that lemonade!

I knew the moon was going to effectively wipe out the Milky Way on the couple nights we were out but as twilight came and the moon casted its light, I stood in awe of the scene before me. This was going to be a special.

After spending some time grabbing some telephoto shots of the moon peaking out behind the trees, a layer of clouds began to form and helped lower the dynamic range of the scene by diffusing the intense moon light casting down.

I decided to go back to the wide angle and see what sorts of textures and tones would come from the dynamic light source on the water and sea stacks.

Naturally, this rock ledge was asking for an “Influencer Pose” selfie, so I scrambled my way up there, fired up the headlamp and had my bud John Perach hit the shutter and make me Insta-famous!

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