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Cedar Waxwing

This is my favorite local bird, the cedar waxwing. Its hard not to love these charismatic little guys!

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As always john beautiful shot, all the detail in the feathers, and the simple composition, hard to go wrong.

Thanks man! I really appreciate it! How’s life in BC?

No worries, it's just been a bit slow, we've been the strictest province. So not much hiking or climbing allowed. But I've just been out riding my bike. Waiting to go camping and take some shots. How's life across the border for you?

Pretty much the same, I’m doing more bird photography than anything right now as it’s hard to get to good locations. I’m loving the bird photography tho!

Me too, I don't have the reach I need though, I'm shooting birds with a 70-200 but just for fun gets me out of the house and riding my bike (aside from the racing). I've found some really nice spots for some eagles, owls, and humming birds as well. If the border ever opens up and you make it across let me know I'd be more than happy to show you. Also check out the app ebird (might be useful if you don't know about it already). I'll shoot you a message over Instagram.

Sounds awesome man! I’ve been looking for some good owl locations! Hopefully we can get out and shoot soon!

So beautiful picture!

Thank you!