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A Hui Hou Kakou

A beautiful morning in one of the most remote places on the face of the planet!

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Hi. If you could explain a little bit how you did this photo I would appreciate very much. Thanks.

Sure no problem! This is a 10 shot pano of a row palm trees, taken in Kauai. For all my panos I use a nodal slide and my Andoer PH-720B Panoramic Gimbal Head. For panos like this, I generally try to avoid ultra wide angles as distortion can present problems. I generally shoot 15 degree increments to be on the safe side, which is why I ended up with 10 shots. I also use the Andoer DY-60N leveling base so I don’t have to mess around with my tripod legs. This was shot at 30mm, f16 (largely to reduce the flare of the sun, but also to maximize dof as I was fairly close), 1/320 sec, and iso 64 (base iso on Nikon pro level cameras). I also used a remote trigger to release the shutter as I stood between the palm trees. If you can get your base level, minimize parallax and use a panoramic head to adjust the angle of your camera, your panos will stitch nearly perfectly. I stitched this in Lightroom. Edited in Lightroom and photoshop. Let me know if you have anymore questions!


I think you captured the essence of Tropical Paradise as well as its ever been done. Makes me long for the days I used to spend on Maui.

Thanks for the post!

Thank you! That really means a lot!

Great work.