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Commissioned work for a Adventure Park called Selvatica in Cancun, Mexico. Photo of the model was done in studio, the roller coaster was done in 3D software, and Bg in PS.. all merged in PS.

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I love this! That'd be a wild ride, ha.

Great job.

great work

Barret.... you should read!... The model was taken on studio (yes i was in front of her)... the BG was done in 3D (trees and roller coaster) the sky, lights and props are digital art and photos... all get together in PS.

Great work!

Thanks Michael

Love your work, very impressive!
Which 3D software do you use?

Thanks Jens... We used 3D max.. but for these any kind of 3D software could work.

What is the technic name to get the girl looks like cortoon?
Or is there a video explain that on youtube?

Flawless, perfect image

This is great work