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The Kiss

This image is part of a series called Magic Moments. Is a commissioned work. Photos were taken at location using two cameras: One with housing for the underwater scene and the second with radio system with two off camera flashes for the upper scene. Both photos where taken at the same time or in some cases with seconds of difference. Then merged together in PS and adding some digital art like the clouds.

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World Class! Keep the amazing work :)

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Thanks Nasser!!!!

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i'm out of superlatives to use on this photo. wow!

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Awesome photo

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I remember the first time you posted the photoshoot series on 500px, it is seriously a mind blowing work Felix. true love and true creative work

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Absolutely beautiful.

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Amazing, you just had capture an image as you experience it at the location.

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may be worthy of an fstoppers post. Do you have any BTS content on this shoot? We could put together a post

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Hi Douglas... yes I have some material... the raw images and part of the process... what else would you need?... Send me and email to arte@matatema.net.... Thanks.

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outstanding !

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I love this photo so much!

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love it!

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Thanks Courtney!... Saludos.

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I would love to see BTS stuff on these images.

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I normally share the BTS... but in this case was a commercial project were the client doesn't allow me to share the bts! Maybe some day. Thanks mate.

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I literally just saw this image printed on the back of a van while leaving Cancun! I was like "hey I know that photo!"

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Ohhh mate, you where in Cancun!?... I could have taken you to amazing places for taking pictures...You know... off the traditional tourist spots!... Yes Patrick I did that image for a commercial project down in Cancun, now some agencies and of course the client (a dolphinarium) use it in their advertising. Saludos Patrick.

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Well we went to Playa but I saw the Dolphinarium bus add in Cancun on the way to the airport. Very cool!

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Hope you enjoy it!!! Playa is a great place!... Next time if you are here and have time, send me a message!

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I always though colors underwater didnt mesh up or that her body under water would seem closer than her above water body...this is one of the nicest photos ive seen in a while.

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Thanks Binky... Let me tell you that your thoughts are right... so I took this image using two cameras shot almost at the same time... and then compose the to shots in post!...

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I love this image, so well done Felix!

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Thanks you Brian!

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Thanks Angelina!

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STUNNINGLY beautiful !!!!

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Thanks you!

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Commercial for SeaWorld !? Shameful

Felix Hernandez's picture

No YD Is not for SeaWorld... Lets keep it in the photography theme!

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