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More of One of my Favorites to Work With

Here's two more from one of my favorites to work with. Gen came to me because she wanted to honor her nephew and had an idea involving angel wings.

I went scouting and found this beautiful waterfront location at a local park. I wanted her to be in the clouds like an angel going up to heaven. I was getting set up and it started raining. She called and asked if I wanted to reschedule. I said no let's see how the weather plays out, especially since I was underwhelmed with the shoot earlier that week and really wanted to hit it out the park. The weather broke and this is the result.

Canon 77D
17mm · f/10.0 · 1/60s · ISO 400
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Really nice, Bruce. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you so much for your comment and rating!

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Lovely, I like the lighting in there, and especially that dimmed sunlight through those wings which seems to be accentuating the mood of the image rather well. Keep up the good work. :)

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Thank you, Chinmay! I was told by Canon Explorer of Light to visualize my shots before taking them and once I had an idea of what I wanted in my head I planned to make it happen. Communicated to the model my vision and we executed just like we wanted.