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Atlantic Flyer

We set sail from Nassau and were headed back to NY. I'm on deck in the middle of the Atlantic enjoying the breeze and I see it in the corner of my eye. "Is that a bird?!?" It most certainly was. I dashed up four decks into our cabin, grab my camera, attach a zoom and head back down to deck seven.

It must have made a home onboard, like the ones you see at Home Depot. But there he was darting from the deck below and flying alongside the ship having the time of his life. And then another one appeared. I didn't get any shots of the pair but after 300+ shots this one is my favorite and possibly my luckiest.

It was quite the challenge getting a good shot - older camera with a slow FPS and subpar AF, wind, rocking boat, waves and a fast excited bird!

Canon REBEL T5
250mm · f/5.6 · 1/2000s · ISO 160
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