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Tom's Town

The set for this shot was built in the studio and was lit for a dark and moody visual aesthetic. I then captured plate shots for the liquid and the captures were composited in post by our Retouchers. I really enjoy creating images that are dark and moody while the product or focal point is properly exposed.

This was shot on a PhaseOne XF IQ160 DB with the SK 120mm f4

Camera Settings: f5.6 at 1/125 sec, ISO 50

Phase One IQ160
120mm · f/5.6 · 1/125s · ISO 50
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Lovely shot. The only critique I would have is the hard light going right through the glass through Tom. A softer light without the hard edges, would, in my opinion, elevate this shot even further.

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Thanks for the feedback Todd, totally agree - there is always improvement and growth to be made - thank you for taking the time to comment, really appreciate that!