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CAMERA: Canon 5D4 - Canon 90mm t/s shot @ f13

This is a drink series for my Wife's cookbook that is in the proofreading stages of publication. The stylistic approach is a vintage homage to the hard-light look of the 50's.

Canon 5D Mark IV
90mm · f/13.0 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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LOVE this hard light look.

You don't mention it in your specs but the plane of the table and crisp focus front to back looks like there is some tilt applied. Is this the Canon TS-E lens?

EDIT: Sorry just saw the t/s in small print.

Ryan Hill's picture

Hi Daniel, Yes - a little tilt for sure to throw the focal plane down to match the angle of the camera in relation to the table surface. Thanks so much for your kind words - really appreciate it!!! Take care!

Teemu Andreas's picture

I'm thirsty now. Great image!

Dan Seefeldt's picture

Really like the set you created.

Indy Thomas's picture

Excellent execution.
What did you use for the hard light? And did you fill with on-axis light from behind the camera?

Paul Asselin's picture

Very 50's right down to the checked pattern glassware . Nice shot.