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Milky way in the swamp

Milkyway with Jupiter and Saturn on July 21st, 2020 at 01:30am. Location was a marsh the the city of Aachen, Germany.
Sony A7 III at 25mm, f/4 and ISO 12800, 5 * 20 seconds, stacked with Sequator. (I intended to shoot at 16mm but I accidentely had the Crop-Mode activated without noticing.
I planned for this shot and used the first cloudless night to get there. I hoped to be alone there because it wasn't a weekend but I had to share this place with 5 others who had the exact same idea. But it was nice, you can meet new people and everyone got his shot. And the view of the Milkyway compensates for the 100.000 mosquito bites and stings.

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