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Portrait shoot with Lilly

Lifestyle shoot in the medieval city center. The narrow alley forms a great portrait lighting on the model. Positioning her at one end of the alley, the walls on the lieft and right block the light while the sky in front of her works as a giant softbox.
Look for places like this when you are on your way in your city and use them on your next shoots.

Canon 5DM3
85mm · f/2.5 · 1/500 · ISO 100
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Wow. Really nice. I just think it would be a little better, if she'd stand a little more to the left or you'd moved a bit to the right. The light is perfect, but the charis in the background distract a little, as well as the lost symmetry. Otherwise, really stunning. Great job!

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This is fantastic!

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Great work with using the buildings to create your lighting! Keep up the good work. This photo and your description makes me think about using buildings as sort of a soft box....

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Great depth of field, pose, and lighting!