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Red rising!

A chilli farmer sorting out his bumper chilli crop harvest.

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Good composition and color. The highlight on his shirt is a little too blown for my taste though.

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Thank you for your feedback Matthew, I really appreciate it. :)
The way I see things, the brighter highlights are attracting the viewer's attention in a much more prolific manner. But I shall definitely redo the image from the ground up wherein the details in the highlights are legible.

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Congratulations on the feature!

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Thanks again Matthew, I hope to keep hearing and learning from your valuable words of critique
Cheers :)

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Wow! But yeah, the white shirt is a tad too bright.

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I think you are right. After it was brought to my notice by Matthew Lacy in his comment above, I asked this question to all my folks and all of them were like yes it is indeed burnt out and having the details in it would be nice. I guess I just didn't see it myself earlier.
I shall indeed work on it all over again.
Thank you for your inputs, really appreciate it. :)

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This is a wonderful photo - thank you for sharing it with us! I love the top-down perspective and the way that the high contrast light accentuates the mounds of peppers. I have never seen a pepper harvest and had never thought about what it would look like.

While I agree that the highlight on the farmer’s white shirt is blown-out, it’s not a big deal to me and does not ruin the photo.

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Thank you Graham. Really appreciate your kind words. :)

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Thanks for your kind words :)

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