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I still don't know exactly what to tell you about this picture. I am still speechless at the sight of this beautiful natural force of a supercell!

I was able to experience this spectacle in the middle of last week near Labin in Istria, Croatia, where I spent the holidays with my family. Beside the family vacation I also used the time on site to scout new locations for a new photo tour.

I wish you a nice day and hope you like the picture of today!

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Great. I've only ever seen supercells like this on images from the US or Australia. Did not know yoi can find them in Europe to. I should visit Croatia again...

I am very glad that you like my photo of this supercell! Yes, these great natural spectacles can also be found in Europe. During my stay in Croatia at the end of July and the beginning of August I had two such beasts! But the first Supercell surprised me a bit and completely overtook me! I was lucky that nothing bad happened. I will surely be there in June 2021 to lead a workshop and I hope that such a Supercell will be in front of my lens again!